An Offering

My new pamphlet An Offering is now available from the brilliant Scottish publisher Tapsalteerie. You can buy it from their website here .

These are poems which have emerged over the last couple of years and which, I hope, build on and extend the work collected in my first pamphlet, Fios. I’m still preoccupied by many of the questions around language, locality and poetic artifice which fed into the earlier pamphlet, though some of my responses to these questions have shifted. I’d like to think my formal touch has developed and, looking over these poems now, I am proud of what I’ve put into it.

A number of the poems collected in An Offering were completed or initiated in the course of a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship in Grez-sur-Loing, France. I’m grateful to the Scottish Book Trust and Creative Scotland for this investment in my writing – as well as to those at Hôtel Chevillon who helped make my time there so productive and enriching.

I’m also really grateful to all at Tapsalteerie and especially Rebecca Parker and Duncan Lockerbie, whose hard work editing and designing An Offering has resulted in, I think, a really lovely publication, whose cover hopefully hints at what waits within.




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